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Airplane Accident Lawyer and Aviation Attorney protecting the rights of injured victims of airline crashes, and other aviation accidents, including:
• personal injuries sustained by passengers in an airplane accident or helicopter accident
• personal injuries caused by dangerous conditions on an airplane
• personal injuries sustained by airplane passengers caused by defective equipment
• personal injuries caused by improper repair or maintenance of an airplane
• airplane accidental injuries caused by negligence of the pilot or airline
• aviation accidental injury cases
• death caused by an airplane crash

Legal Rights of the Victims of an Airline Disaster

Survivors of an airplane crash, and the families of airline passengers who lost their lives in an airline crash, have legal rights under State, Federal and or International laws. Federal laws may limit the amount of monetary compensation that an airplane accident victim or victim’s family may legally recover. These limits might not apply if we successfully prove that the airline was knowingly negligent.

Proving the Cause of an Airline Crash

Improper repair or maintenance of an airplane or helicopter may result in mechanical failures that can cause a devastating accident or airline crash. In addition, errors by pilots or ground crews inspecting an airplane before take off might cause flight problems leading to a crash. Identifying the factors that caused an aviation accident usually require lengthy and complicated investigation. Furthermore, a thorough investigation and analysis may uncover more than one factor in causing the disaster. For example, an investigation conducted by the airline may conclude that factors such as bad weather caused the airline accident. However, a more detailed independent investigation may uncover evidence of pilot error or negligence, faulty inspection by ground crews, improper or inadequate maintenance or repair of the aircraft, failure to adhere to the airplane manufacturer’s inspection or maintenance schedule, or failure to comply with other procedures mandated by the FAA. An experienced aviation attorney and independent aviation investigation team can be crucial in helping to establish all the causes of an airline disaster.

Selecting the right aviation accident lawyer or New York airplane accident attorney is an important decision. If you were injured in an airline accident, you should be represented by an experienced New York Aviation Accident Lawyer.

If you have been injured in an aviation accident, you may be entitled to money damages for your pain and suffering, medical and hospital treatment, lost wages or lost income, etc.

Airplane Accident Lawyer | How Can We Help

If you have been injured on a airplane, we strongly suggest that you consult with an experienced airplane accident lawyer before signing any papers, permitting anyone to take your recorded statement, being examined or treated by a doctor recommended by the airline, or signing any written statements, or any accident reports that you may have misunderstood.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a airplane accident, it is extremely important that your accident attorney take all steps necessary to maximize the likelihood of recovering adequate monetary compensation for your injuries.

We and our co-counsel zealously represent all of our clients who were seriously injured in airplane accidents. We investigate the facts and circumstances of the airplane accident, and gather evidence needed to prove the cause of the accident. Our diligent and careful investigation, in depth legal analysis, and relentless pretrial discovery are all directed toward establishing the true cause of the accident, and proving that the airline is liable for your injuries.

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