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We represent seriously injured accident victims throughout New York State. Our New York Personal Injury Lawyer combines aggressive and relentless representation with compassion and genuine caring for each or our clients.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Michael W. Goldstein is a New York Personal Injury Lawyer representing seriously injured victims of New York accidents caused by the negligence, carelessness or violation of law by motor vehicle drivers or owners, property owners, general contractors, and others who are responsible for causing accidental injuries. He is a New York accident lawyer handling many types of personal injury cases throughout New York State since 1979. Michael W. Goldstein has substantial experience aggressively and effectively representing plaintiffs who have sustained numerous types of accidental injuries caused by a defendant’s negligence.

The following are some examples of NY accidental injury cases we accept:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

• Automobile accidents
• Hit & run accidents
• Motor vehicle accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers
• Collisions involving a taxi, car service or other livery vehicle
• Collisions caused by drunk drivers
• Car accidents at railroad crossings
• Serious injuries caused by motor vehicle collisions
• Bus accidents
• Subway accidents
• Train accidents
• Truck accidents
• Vehicle rollovers
• Wrongful death/accidental death cases
• Motorcycle accidents
• Bicycle accidents
• Roller blade accidents
• Pedestrian accidents


Premises Accidents

• Trip and fall injuries
• Slip & fall accidents
• Accidental injuries sustained in stores, restaurants and other businesses
• Personal injuries sustained in apartment buildings, office buildings, and other premises
• Elevator accidents
• Fires caused by negligence of landlords, contractors or tenants
• Accidents caused by defective sidewalk bridge or scaffolding
• Carbon monoxide poisoning due to improperly maintained furnace


On the Job Accidents and Injuries

• Construction site accidents
• Scaffolding accidents
• Falls from ladders, scaffolding or other heights
• Injuries caused by falling objects at a construction site
• Backhoe accidents
• Forklift accidents
• Crane accidents
• Construction site injuries caused by unsafe equipment
• Construction site explosions and fires
• Electrocutions
• Exposure to asbestos & other toxic substances
• On the job injuries


Injuries Caused by Improper Security

• Assaults due to inadequate apartment building security
• Rape or sexual assault resulting from unlocked front doors in an apartment building


Dog Bites

• Dog bite injuries caused by unleashed or unrestrained dogs
• Unprovoked attacks by dogs and other animals


Injuries to Children

• Injuries to children caused by unsafe playground equipment
• Injuries to children caused by improper supervision at school
• Injuries to children caused by inadequate supervision at camp, roller skating rink,etc.

We also work with co-counsel in the following types of New York accidental injury cases:


Maritime Accidents

• Boating accidents
• Cruise ship accidental injuries
• Ferry accidents causing injuries
• Jones Act Injuries
• Longshoreman’s injuries caused by dangerous conditions
• Injuries sustained at sea while working on a ship or other vessel
• Injuries sustained while working at shore


Aviation Accidents

• Airplane crashes
• Helicopter accidents


False Arrest, Wrongful Imprisonment and Police Brutality

• Unlawful arrest (False arrest)
• Wrongful imprisonment (False imprisonment)
• Civil rights violation
• Malicious prosecution
• Abuse of process
• Police brutality
• Excessive force used by police
• Injuries caused by improper police conduct
• Police shooting victim


Nursing Home Neglect & Nursing Home Accidents

• Serious injuries sustained by nursing home patients due to neglect, improper care or abuse by the nursing home employees
• Serious accidental injuries sustained by nursing home patients due to the nursing home’s negligence


Employment Discrimination and Harassment at Work

• Employment discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex or age
• Sexual harassment at the workplace


Products Liability (Accidents Caused by Dangerous or Defective Products)

• Serious accidental injuries caused by defective products
• Serious accidental injuries caused by product design defects
• Serious accidental injuries caused by product manufacturing defects


More Information About the Types of New York Accidental Injury Cases We Handle

For a more detailed discussion of the various types of accidental injury cases we accept, please click any of the following links:

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