Can I Sue For My Injuries

After the initial shock of being injured, many accident victims ask: “Do I have a case? Can I sue for my injuries?” We have provided the information below to help our visitors understand the basic principles of New York personal injury law. This brief outline is not meant to constitute legal advice, nor is it a substitute for discussing your case with an accident lawyer.

Liability + Injuries

Under New York law, there are two basic elements that are required for you to have a legal right to be compensated for your pain and suffering caused by an accident:  Liability and Injuries


Generally, you as the plaintiff must prove that the defendant’s negligence or carelessness caused your accident, or that some other legal principle imposes liability upon the defendant.


Motor vehicle accidents caused by

• A driver’s careless or reckless driving (even if that driver was uninsured or fled the scene of the accident)
• An owner’s improper maintenance or repair of a vehicle

Trip and fall accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other accidents caused by

• Dangerous or defective conditions such as broken or improperly maintained walkways, sidewalks, steps, etc.
• Dark or hidden stairways
• Slippery conditions due to improper snow removal
• Wet floors due to maintenance worker washing floor without posting warning signs
• Slippery conditions in a store due to spilled liquid (Note: If the condition was not caused by a store employee, then generally, the plaintiff must prove that a store employee had sufficient prior notice and opportunity to clean the spill, before the accident occurred.
• A violation of an owner’s or contractor’s statutory obligation. For example, the New York Labor Law imposes strict liability upon owners and contractors whose failure to maintain a safe work site results in certain types of work related injuries during construction activities defined in the Labor Law. If the statutory requirements are satisfied, the injured party may not be required to prove negligence.
• Dangerous or defective products


For New York motor vehicle accidents, in order to be eligible to recover for pain and suffering, the plaintiff must prove that the injuries sustained satisfy the statutory definition of “serious injuries.” Although the law does attempt to identify which injuries satisfy this “no-fault threshold,” it is not always clear. Therefore, the merits of a personal injury case should always be evaluated by an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Even if your injuries do not meet the New York State’s threshold for “serious injury”, you may be entitled to other payments (subject to limitations) such as No-Fault or Workers’ Compensation benefits, New York State and/or Social Security Disability benefits, etc. These benefits may include payments for your lost earnings, medical and hospital bills, and other expenses, subject to limitations.

Although the “serious injury” requirement only applies to motor vehicle accidents, the value of any accident case is directly related to the severity of the injuries sustained.

Comparative Negligence

New York State is a comparative negligence jurisdiction. Therefore, when an accident in New York State is caused either partially or completely by the defendant’s negligence, even if the injured plaintiff was partially at fault, the plaintiff is entitled to recover monetary damages for the injuries sustained (subject to the “serious injury threshold” for motor vehicle accidents in New York State), however the amount recoverable will be reduced by the percentage of fault attributable to the plaintiff.

How We Can Help

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in New York State, it is extremely important that your New York accident attorney take all steps necessary to ensure that you will receive the monetary compensation for your injuries that you deserve. We zealously represent all of our clients. We investigate the facts and circumstances of the collision, and gather evidence needed to prove the cause of the accident. We believe that our diligent and careful investigation, legal analysis and pretrial discovery enables us to establish the true cause of the collision, and thereby overcome the ill-founded notion that the motorcyclist must have been the cause of the accident.

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