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Our New York Car Accident Lawyer aggressively represents personal injury clients who sustained serious injuries as a result of many types of motor vehicle accidents throughout New York State, including:
• Car Accidents
• Hit and run accidents
• Accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers
• Uninsured motorist claims
• Underinsured motorist claims
• MVAIC claims
• Accidents involving a taxi, car service or other livery vehicle
• Motor vehicle collisions between a car and a bus, truck, or other commercial vehicle
• Bus accidents
• Rear end collisions
• Intersection collisions
• Cars struck by police cars
• Cars struck by another vehicle in parking lot
• Multi vehicle collisions resulting in accidental death

In addition to the general categories of motor vehicle accident cases listed above, we have also represented plaintiffs injured in some unusual motor vehicle accidents, including the following:
• Car accidents caused by slippery substance on roadway emitted from concrete recycling plant
• Car accidents caused by empty water cooler bottles falling onto the roadway from a truck ahead of the plaintiff’s car
• Driver struck by another vehicle while he was standing outside his disabled car waiting for assistance
• Unattended parked New York City bus rolled down a hill, and crashed into a car stopped at a red traffic light, seriously injuring the car’s passengers

Various Legal Issues In New York Car Accident Cases

There are more issues in a New York car accident case than merely proving the client’s injuries and the defendant’s negligence. New York car accident cases often involve various legal issues in the areas of New York No-Fault Law, New York Uninsured Motorist Law, and optional New York Underinsured Motorist coverage (also known as Supplementary Uninsured Motorist Coverage). Michael W. Goldstein’s many years of experience as a New York Car Accident Lawyer representing seriously injured accident victims has given him extensive experience in each of these areas of New York personal injury law. Michael W. Goldstein’s clients can be assured that they are thoroughly represented in all aspects of their accident case by an experienced New York Car Accident Lawyer.

Proving Your Injuries

When the injuries sustained are fractures which are immediately diagnosed by x-rays, and are treated at the hospital emergency room on the day of the accident, it is usually crystal clear that the injuries were caused by the collision. However, when the injuries can only be definitively diagnosed by more sophisticated and expensive tests such as MRI’s, which are not typically performed until days, weeks or months after an accident, the issue of causation arises. In that situation, it is far easier for the culpable driver’s insurance company and attorneys to take the position that the injuries such as a torn meniscus of the knee, a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee, or a torn rotator cuff of the shoulder, were pre-existing conditions, not caused by the accident. In those instances in particular, it is extremely important that the New York Car Accident Lawyer representing the injured driver or passengers be prepared to overcome the defense argument that the driver and owner of the vehicle who caused the collision are not responsible for the injuries sustained by the driver or passenger of the car that was struck.

Michael W. Goldstein, a New York Car Accident Lawyer since 1979, will gather the evidence needed to clearly establish causation between the accident and the injuries sustained. We are experienced in dealing with these issues, and work tirelessly on behalf of our clients to prove our client’s case and overcome the defense arguments. We are committed to achieving justice for our clients, which includes obtaining the monetary compensation that our clients deserve.

Rules Of The Road

All motorists must obey the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law, as well as local rules and regulations. All motorists must share the road responsibly with each other. Passengers, as well as drivers who obey the traffic laws and are injured due to the carelessness of another motorist are entitled to be compensated for their injuries (subject to the “serious injury” threshold that applies to all victims injured by motor vehicle accidents in New York State.)

Comparative Negligence

New York State is a comparative negligence jurisdiction. Therefore, when an accident in New York State is caused either partially or completely by the defendant’s negligence, even if the injured plaintiff was partially at fault, the plaintiff is entitled to recover monetary damages for the injuries sustained (subject to the “serious injury threshold” for motor vehicle accidents in New York State), however the amount recoverable will be reduced by the percentage of fault attributable to the plaintiff. Our experienced New York Car Accident Lawyer will explain how this principle may apply to your accident case.

Medical & Hospital Expenses & Lost Wages

New York insurance policies provide coverage for payment of No-Fault benefits for medical and hospital bills and loss of earnings sustained while operating or occupying a motor vehicle in New York State. An experienced New York Car Accident Lawyer can assist you to be sure you get the No-Fault benefits you are entitled to.

Accident victims should be aware that there are extremely short time limitations for filing an application for New York State No-Fault benefits for medical and hospital expenses, loss of earnings, and other benefits available under the NYS Personal Injury Protection Law. We are happy to assist our clients in timely completing and filing this critical form. If you file the No-Fault Application yourself, we recommend that you make sure to list all of your injuries, and keep a copy of the filed form, and give us a copy. There are also short time limitations for submitting to the no-fault insurance carrier, the medical and hospital bills incurred in a New York car accident.

It is important that these bills be paid by the no-fault insurance company, rather than by your health insurance company, because the health insurance company may deny the claim for motor vehicle related injuries, and also because the health insurance company may be entitled to a lien against the personal injury settlement or recovery, for the amounts paid for treatment of the injuries sustained in the accident. Our New York Car Accident Lawyer will assist you in completing and submitting the No-Fault Application, and other required forms.

How Can Our New York Car Accident Lawyer Help You?

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident in New York State, it is extremely important that your New York Car Accident Lawyer take all steps necessary to ensure that you will be able to recover monetary compensation for your injuries.

Our New York Car Accident Lawyer zealously represents each of our clients, in order to maximize the money damages they receive for their serious injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident. We investigate the facts and circumstances of the motor vehicle collision, and gather evidence needed to prove the cause of the accident. Our diligent and careful investigation, legal analysis and pretrial discovery often enables us to establish the true cause of the collision, and prove that the responsible motorist is liable for your injuries.

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This website is not intended to solicit clients for accident cases outside of New York State. However, our experienced New York Car Accident Lawyer does represent accident victims who live outside of New York, who sustained fractures or other serious injuries in a motor vehicle collision, hit & run accident, uninsured motorist accident, under-insured motorist collision, motorcycle collision, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, roller blade accident, in-line skating accident, or other motor vehicle accident that occurred in New York State, as well as wrongful death or accidental death caused by a car accident in New York State.

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