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Important Deadlines for Filing Various Documents

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Document Deadlines for Your New York Personal Injury Case

The following information is provided by our New York Personal Injury Lawyer as an introduction to New York State accident victims of some important document deadlines. It is only a partial list of deadlines for some required documents. It is not meant to be a substitute for speaking to a New York personal injury lawyer, but rather to provide general information which may assist you to more effectively discuss your personal injury case with a New York personal injury lawyer.

There are strict deadlines for filing various documents. The following is a general guide to some of the required documents that must be filed promptly after an accident in New York State. If our New York personal injury lawyer is retained to represent you, we will prepare and timely file the required legal documents for you.

No-Fault Application

For motor vehicle accidents, insurance policies require you to promptly submit a a No-Fault Application. In New York State, the time limit for filing the No-Fault Application has changed. Failure to timely file the No-Fault Application may result in the denial of your claim for payment of your bills for hospital and medical treatment, as well as your lost earnings caused by your injuries sustained in the accident. Remember that there are very short deadlines for filing the No-Fault Application. We strongly recommend that you keep a copy of the forms you file with the insurance company, and that you give a copy to your attorney.  Of course, if you retain our New York Personal Injury Lawyer for your NY accident case, we will prepare and file the No-Fault application for you, or review the No-Fault application if you have already completed the form, and let you know if any corrections or additions are needed.

Hit and Run Accidents, MVAIC Claims, Uninsured Motorist Claims and Under-insured Motorist Claims

If the driver who caused your motor vehicle accident was either unidentified (“hit and run”), uninsured, or under-insured (insufficient policy limits of liability coverage), specific forms must be properly completed and timely submitted to the correct insurance company (or MVAIC, if applicable.).  For motor vehicle accidents, in order to protect your right to make an Uninsured Motorist Claim, or Under-insured Motorist Claim, if applicable, specific forms must be properly completed and timely submitted to the insurance company that provides these benefits (or to MVAIC, if applicable.)  Other forms may also be required to be properly completed and timely submitted to the insurance company (or to MVAIC, if applicable), and to the court.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report (MV-104)

For New York motor vehicle accidents resulting in personal injuries or substantial damage to a vehicle, a Motor Vehicle Accident Report (MV-104) must be timely filed with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.  This is an important document, which if not properly completed, could be used by the defense attorney against you!  If you have completed the Motor Vehicle Accident Report (MV-104), we will be happy to review it before you submit it to either your insurance company or the NY Department of Motor Vehicles.  If you select our law firm to represent you, our experienced New York Personal Injury Lawyer will either review or complete the form for you, after discussing the details of the accident, and your injuries with you.

Short Deadline for Filing Additional Claim Forms Against a State, City, Town, Village, Municipal or Governmental Entity or Agency

For any type of accident where a state, city, town, village, municipal or governmental entity or agency is responsible, additional claim forms must be filed promptly. These required forms may include a Claim, Notice of Claim, Notice of Intention to Make Claim, or other forms. In some cases, these forms will be required to be filed against more than one state, city, town, village, municipal or governmental entity or agency. The deadline for filing these claim forms vary, but in New York, it is often 90 days from the date of the accident. If the required forms are not properly completed and timely filed with the correct entity or agency, the right to bring a lawsuit against the responsible entity or agency is usually lost.  Hiring an experienced New York Personal Injury Lawyer shortly after your accident will give the lawyer time to complete and file all required claim documents.

Deadline to Start a Lawsuit for Your Injuries

In New York State, the Statute of Limitations (deadline to commence litigation) varies depending on the type of case, and whether the person or entity responsible for causing your accident is a private person, business or entity, or a state, city, town, village, municipal or governmental entity or agency. In New York, examples of some statutes of limitations for accident cases are one year from the accident, one year and 90 days from the accident, three years from the accident, or two and one half years from the malpractice. Other deadlines may also apply. Failure to comply with the appropriate deadlines will usually result in the loss of your claim or lawsuit.  Your New York Personal Injury Lawyer should make sure that all required documents are timely filed.

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