Mission Statement

As an experienced New York Personal Injury Attorney we have always held the belief that our overriding goal should be to protect each of our personal injury clients’ legal rights, aggressively represent their interests, and work tirelessly to maximize our client’s monetary recovery for injuries caused by the negligence or carelessness of others. As we pursue those goals, we are guided by the following principles:


Personal commitment and dedication to each client are fundamental principals of our firm. We work diligently and swiftly to thoroughly investigate, painstakingly prepare and professionally litigate each case.


We realize that a serious injury is likely to cause significant disruption in a person’s life, and in the lives of his or her family. Accordingly, we address each client’s concerns with patience and understanding.


Our clients can be assured that our loyalty always rests solely in protecting their interests. Although it may sometimes seem desirable to quickly resolve an accident case, we never recommend that a client sacrifice his or her legitimate entitlement to fair and just compensation, in order to obtain a fast settlement.


Each of our clients are treated with dignity and respect. We never lose sight of the fact that clients are people, not cases. We offer our professional advice to our clients, however we always respect each client’s right to make the final decision on important issues, including whether to accept or reject a settlement offer.

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