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Our New York Rollerblade Accident Lawyer and New York City personal injury law firm aggressively represents personal injury clients who sustained serious injuries as a result of rollerblade accidents throughout New York State, including:
• Rollerbladder (inline skater) struck by a car, truck, bus or motorcycle
• Rollerbladder (inline skater) hit by an opened car door

Rollerblade Injuries

Rollerbladders are extremely vulnerable to serious injuries when they are in a collision with a motor vehicle, or even struck by a door of a parked car or truck carelessly opened by a motorist or passenger. The Rollerbladder’s protection from injury is basically limited to a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and possibly wrist pads. Even with this protective gear, the Rollerbladder is extremely vulnerable to a motorist’s carelessness. The ability to avoid either a collision with a motor vehicle, or being struck by an opening door of a motor vehicle is basically dependent upon the extreme caution of the Rollerbladder, and the attentiveness and awareness of the motorist. The momentary inattention of a driver can cause a serious injury to a careful Rollerbladder, even if wearing all available safety gear.

Rules Of The Road

While it is extremely important that the Rollerbladder pay particular attention to the traffic conditions, as well as the conditions of the road, it is likewise important that drivers of motor vehicles be cognizant of the fact that Rollerbladders may be sharing the road with the motorist.

Furthermore, drivers and passengers of cars and trucks must be careful when opening the doors of a parked vehicle, in order to observe whether a Rollerbladder or bicyclist is nearby and might be struck by the opening door.

Many people, including insurance claims adjusters, may believe that Rollerbladding should be limited to parks and recreational facilities, and that an accident involving a motor vehicle and a Rollerbladder must be caused by the Rollerbladder. It is therefore extremely important for a Rollerbladder seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision to be represented by an aggressive personal injury attorney who will fight to overcome the widespread prejudice against Rollerbladders. Our New York Rollerblade Accident Lawyer accepts that responsibility and aggressively and zealously pursue your accident case caused by a collision between a Rollerbladder and a motor vehicle, regardless of whether the motor vehicle was in motion, or an opening door of a parked vehicle struck the Rollerbladder.

Rollerblade Injuries Caused By A Suddenly Opening Car Door

Rollerbladders are vulnerable to being injured when they are struck by a door of a parked car or truck carelessly opened by a motorist or passenger. It is important for drivers and passengers of parked vehicles to exercise extreme caution when exiting on the road side of the vehicle. Carelessly opening the door of the car or truck without looking first to see if a Rollerbladder is approaching, can cause the Rollerbladder to be knocked over by the suddenly opening door. Being “doored” is a totally avoidable accident that can cause the Rollerbladder to sustain serious injuries.  If you were seriously injured in a rollerblade accident caused by the driver of a car, truck, bus or other motor vehicle, we invite you to contact our New York Rollerblade Accident Lawyer for a free case review and free consultation.

Comparative Negligence

New York State is a comparative negligence jurisdiction. Therefore, when an accident in New York State is caused either partially or completely by the defendant’s negligence, even if the injured plaintiff was partially at fault, the plaintiff is entitled to recover monetary damages for the injuries sustained (subject to the “serious injury threshold” for motor vehicle accidents in New York State), however the amount recoverable will be reduced by the percentage of fault attributable to the plaintiff.

Medical & Hospital Expenses & Lost Wages

New York insurance policies provide coverage for payment of No-Fault benefits for medical and hospital bills, as well as loss of earnings sustained by a Rollerbladder who is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle in New York State.

There are extremely short time limitations for filing an application for New York State No-Fault benefits for medical and hospital expenses, loss of earnings, and other benefits available under the NYS Personal Injury Protection Law. We are happy to assist our clients in timely completing and filing this critical form. If you file the No-Fault Application yourself, we recommend that you make sure to list all of your injuries, and keep a copy of the filed form, and give us a copy. There are also short time limitations for submitting to the no-fault insurance carrier, the medical and hospital bills incurred in a New York motor vehicle accident.

It is important that these bills be paid by the no-fault insurance company, rather than by your health insurance company, because the health insurance company may deny the claim for motor vehicle related injuries, and also because the health insurance company may be entitled to a lien against the personal injury settlement or recovery, for the amounts paid for treatment of the injuries sustained in the accident.

How Our New York Rollerblade Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a Rollerblade accident with a motor vehicle, it is important that you hire the right New York Rollerblade Accident Lawyer. We will conduct a thorough investigation, inspect or photograph the accident location, as well as the damage to the Rollerblades, and the damage to the motor vehicle. Witnesses will be interviewed, police reports and motor vehicle accident reports will be obtained and analyzed.

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If you have been seriously injured due to an accident, and would like to discuss your case with a New York Rollerblade Accident Lawyer and New York Accident Lawyer, call our office for a free confidential consultation, or complete our questionnaire.

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